steak frites aka seared filet with mushroom cream sauce and french fries

So before I switched to the new name, my blog used to be called biftek frites – an obvious homage to the classic French bistro dish of steak frites. Although, having to spell out the name for people became a little bit tedious, so now it’s pleasing olivia!

It’s kind of odd how I haven’t made steak frites before today, but as I recently bought myself a deep fryer, how could I not! Jesus christ, this meal was ridiculous. The combination of (steak juice + mushrooms + cream) + french fries to mop it all up = the greatest bite of all time. As much as I want to cook haute-cuisine, it’s food like this that makes me shiver me timbers.

The key to the french fries is to double fry them. First peel the potatoes, slice, then let them soak in cold water for an hour. Then blanch at 325 degrees until the potatoes are nearly cooked, but not golden yet. Then turn up the heat to 375 and fry them again to perfect golden brown. This is how McDonalds does it (they are blanched at the factory then frozen and shipped partly cooked, then refried when ordered), this is how every restaurant with good fries does it too.

The steak is seared in a pan with clarified butter and rubbed in salt and pepper. Four minutes each side almost¬†guarantees medium rare as long as it’s near a 6.5 oz or so size. I just cook it until¬†it feels right though..

The key to the sauce is using dried mushrooms. Rehydrate them in boiling water, then take them out and slice them into bite sizes. Reduce the mushroom liquid until it’s extremely concentrated. Deglaze your steak pan with wine, brandy, cognac, whatever you have,then add the mushrooms. Once the liquid has reduced a bit, add heavy cream or half and half and reduce until you get the consistency you want. It’s almost basically a steak au poivre that’s even better.

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